Netizens Are Comparing Arci Muñoz To Michael Jackson, Here’s Why

Netizens were shocked after spotting Arci Muñoz’s latest photos that went viral on social media.

A lot of them were speculating whether or not Arci had cosmetic surgeries done–a nose job and lip augmentation–or if it was just another makeup trick. On the photos, it can be seen that her nose was more pointed while her lips are thicker than before.

Her changes in physical appearance were noticed by netizens right before she guested for an event in Manila, last August 9.

A number of netizens mocked the “new look” and claimed that the actress is showing resemblance to late Hollywood icon pop singer, Michael Jackson. However, the actress’ fans defended her and said she wouldn’t have undergone surgery if she wouldn’t be happy about it.

Photos of the actress during her Starstruck days were also shared on Twitter emphasizing the differences of her face when compared to her old look.