Navigating Through The Rain

The rainy season. A time where travel will be the most difficult because of the wet roads and the worry of sickness due to the rain above. Now imagine if the person struggles, what more the vehicle that will have to pass through potentially flooded areas. The floors are too high, the roads are too slippery, and the paths are too crowded. How would someone be able to navigate through all of this?

When navigating through the rain, you have to take your time. Rushing through would only make things more problematic. Going fast might cause older tires to slip which would lead into an accident. So take it slow, and take in your surroundings to make sure that you and others are safe.

Give space to other cars, more so now than ever. The extra space would be useful when it comes to surprise brakes, along with the lack of grip due to the slippery path, it will potentially take longer to fully stop.

Replace old tires. With the problem of skidding along the roads, replacing old, worn-out tires would be helpful for everyone. Less chance of sliding and hitting another vehicle or person while driving this way.

Always keep your lights on. Especially when the rain becomes too extreme. Vision will become limited, so lights would be needed so that everyone would be able to see whether you or other vehicles are on the way.

This is a tip for those who have low vehicles but avoid any easily flooded pathways. If the rain is stronger than usual, or if it has been raining all day, the chances of that place being flooded would be high, making it close to impossible for your vehicle to make it over without flooding the vehicle itself.

In the end, we can only have so much preparation against nature itself. So best to mentally prepare, hope everything is in check, and go onto the wet roads.