Nas Daily Achieves His Goal: The Last One-Minute Journey

Perhaps the most challenging task for a person is to end a path that has been part of his or her existence. Sadness, contentment, and gratefulness were the reactions of many people when Nuseir Yassin, famously known as Nas Daily, published the 1,000th and the last episode of his famous one-minute videos.

The future is the scariest aspect of life, people may have plans but those plans are still unsure to happen. Nuseir Yassin or Nas Daily is an Israeli-Palestinian who grew in Arraba, found in northern Israel and known for its agriculture. Yassin values education and hardwork inspired by his father, a psychologist, and his mother, a teacher.

Yassin admitted during his interview with the media that he was hungry for education which led him to apply on Harvard and later graduated as an Economics major. Afterwards, he moved to New York City to work his way in the industry.

The goal of his videos is to inspire people to live an amazing life by showing them how he spends his daily life.

Nas Daily published the reason why he was doing a one-minute video; he said, “I keep my video, just enough. To communicate a message without taking too much of your time.” When he was a kid he was full of insecurities that even today he still has it; he thinks that he is not worthy of the attentions that is why it is only a one-minute video.

However, it was surprising how Nas Daily left his wonderful life travelling around the world and connecting with people. But what made Nas do it?

The average life span of people is 76 years old and now that he is a 25-year-old man, he wants to be surrounded by people.

Regardless of Nas having one-minute duration videos, he was able to inspire people to do everything they want with enjoyment. As what people keep on saying, live your life to the fullest!

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