If you have been sleeping under the rock, wake up! You are missing the benefits of riding the TRAIN – not the MRTs, LRTs or the PNR trains because there seems to be endless complaints about them.

We are taking about TRAIN – the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Act (TRAIN) recently signed into law by President Duterte.

What gives? Oh well, this TRAIN gives a punch!

Imagine this law exempts people earning 250,000 or less a year from paying taxes! Yes Virginia, you heard it right – EXEMPT!!!! Your 13th month bonuses up to Php 90,000 will also be free from taxes. FREEEEEDOM!

#trainlaw #taxreform

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With all these almost unbelievable exemptions – thanks to TRAIN – there will be more moohlah in our pocket. Take home is now nothing to be sneezed at. And what’s soooo good about this is that this means happier times with dabarkads, friendships, and girl or boyfriend. This means more extra money to explore happenings and activities you and your friends have not tried before. More pocket space translates to fun fun fun!

Such is manna from heaven! Happy Christmas for 2018 came in January!

With increased take home pay, surely there will be some for investments for the future, some for more bonding times with family, but surely there will be some for giving ourselves a treat! After all, we deserve to treat ourselves for hard work and industry.

One way to treat ourselves is by hosting some chill time with people we love. This calls for a more “level up” celebration with friends. And what better way to celebrate this extra purchasing power is to drink Emperador – the new chill drink for friends.

Ituloy ang long weekend with Empi lights! #EmperadorBunso DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

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Gone are the days when we can just lay back and be contented with “pwede-na-yan alcohol” with our friends. Contentment is no longer the rule of the game but pure enjoyment. Cheap thrill gives way to must-have drinks. Why settle, when we can all enjoy the best alcohol in town right?

With specially prepared hors d’oeuvres and moderate drinking of Emperador, while talking about recent movies we watch; books we read; or stories of our latest adventure, friendships are not just redefined but enhanced.

Happy National Best Friends Day! #EmperadorBunso DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

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Thank you TRAIN!

So, what are we waiting for? Call your friends have a good time this pay day week! To paraphrase one popular ad before, “Sakay na at tara nang mag Empi!”

Tawagin na ang barkada at ilabas ang #EmperadorBunso! DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

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