MMDA Fines Motorists Who Are Caught Doing The #KikiChallenge

The internet is filled with crazy new challenges. Every time, there’s a new trend that everyone tries to do.

The #KikiChallenge is the latest trend that people have been posting on their Facebook timeline. It when the song of international rapper, Drake “In My Feelings”. People would get out of their moving vehicle and dance to the chorus of the song in sync with the speed of the car.

Recently, MMDA informed citizens through social media platforms that they will be fined if they get caught doing the #KikiChallenge.

Here’s another radical idea: just don’t do it. Ps: I’m still debating whether I should bill the DOTr for using my likeness in this warning—whatchathink?

Posted by James Deakin on Monday, July 30, 2018

As a result one individual was caught and fined. He bumped one MMDA officer by accident while doing the popular challenge. It circulated all over Facebook and is considered to be “#KikiChallenge Fail”.

KIKI challenge Fail!!! May nabangga si KIKI 😱

Posted by Joch De Guzman on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Don’t worry, these individuals were actually in partnership with the MMDA, to show Filipinos what will happen if they continue to do the #KikiChallenge despite their social media warning already. The whole thing was set up and staged.

Kiki BTS

Some people asked if this video was staged. I thought it was obvious when it showed people pushing the car 😂The original video has already reached over a million views and has been featured by local media. No celebrity actors, no expensive equipment, no multi-million peso budget.This is a fun way to reach people, but the message and the penalties are serious.This is #yourMMDA

Posted by Gadget Addict on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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