Mikey Bustos Wants His Pizza Like That

Mikey Bustos shows the world how he wants his pizza in his latest parody music video

In the YouTube star’s iconic acting style, he plays two characters who just can’t seem to agree on what Yellow Cab pizza to order. Mikey (the real Mikey) wants his pizza loaded with bold flavors, while Frank (Mikey’s best friend, also played by Mikey) prefers to have more classic and simpler toppings. Good thing Michelle (Mikey’s wife, played by—surprise!—Mikey) was able to find a middle ground before the two gets into a fight, offering Yellow Cab’s 2-in-1 Pizza so they can both enjoy their favorites.

Craving for more than just one Yellow Cab pizza flavor? Torn between ordering what you want versus what the majority voted for? Sweet or savory? Loaded with meat or covered with veggies? The questions just go on and on, but with Yellow Cab’s 2-in-1 Pizza, customers can mix-and-match flavors to their tummy’s desire.

Starting at P399, pizza lovers can choose to pair any two of Yellow Cab’s delicious pizza flavors in one pan for an order that is sure to satisfy any hungry squad. There are no set combinations, so customers can go wild and get creative with their choices.

What two pizza flavors will you, your family, or friends order?