Mermaid Brushes Are The Next Must-Have Makeup Tool

Just when unicorn brushes were starting to make waves online, mermaid brushes decided to overtake it and conquer Instagram. Now, just about every makeup junkie is posting their own set of the mermaid-tailed brush. Crafted by The Mermaid Salon, an Australian-based brand, the brushes have mermaid fin metallic handles, which also comes in matte black option.

The brushes are perfect for powder application or even highlight and contour. It’s got a semi-firm concentrated brush that is a half-sphere shape. It’s no surprise the the Little Mermaid inspired makeup tool is now already out of stock, so pre-orders are in the works. For a little bit more mystique and flair on your Instagram feed, or if you’re just feeling like an underwater goddess, these brushes should be “Part of Your (Makeup) World”.