Menstrual Cups, Pads, And Tampons: Which One Is For You?

Menstrual Cups, Pads, And Tampons: Which One Is For You?


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When perusing the aisles of the grocery store, the women’s items can get confusing. It seems that there are 20 shampoos that all claim to moisturize your hair or 10 soaps that all claim to reduce acne. The same goes for feminine care, which is the most preferable and best to use? Menstrual cups, pads, or tampons? Luckily, we’re going to breakdown each item so that you can choose which one you would like to use.

Menstrual cups

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Certainly, the newest option amongst the three, menstrual cups is also the eco-friendly option. Menstrual cups are a small silicone cup that you fold and insert into the vagina to catch and collect your menstruation. When properly taken care of, a menstrual cup can last up to 10 years, which is not only an sustainable option but also a cost-efficient one compared to buying pads and tampons.

A downside to menstrual cups is that it may be a bit of a hassle in case of emergencies. If your cup gets full or improperly inserted, it is not the easiest thing to remove and clean in a public bathroom. Also, some advise that menstrual cup may be better for those who are sexually active. Although, as long as you have your period, you’re old enough to use a menstrual cup. Vaginal muscles of virgins tend to be tenser when inserting and removing it.

Menstrual cups are preferable for some women because it comes in two sizes and also there is no risk of toxic shock syndrome. It seems that menstrual cups are nearly perfect, it is eco-friendly, cost-efficient and the cleaner variant. Unlike pads and tampons that contain chemicals that can be absorbed by your vagina, menstrual cups do not have any of those, making it preferable for those who avoid chemicals in their health and wellness products.


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Pads, otherwise known as sanitary napkins, is probably the most popular from the 3 choices. There are so many brands, lengths and sizes of pads. It is an ideal option for many because there it is easier to use.

Pads stick to your underwear and should be changed regularly. A downside to using one is that it may not be the most comfortable option for women who do active things, especially swim which can be done with a tampon or a menstrual cup. Pads quickly become second nature and are advisable to use when first starting your period.


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Tampons are a popular option in western countries and can be used on beach days. Similar to pads, tampons absorb the period blood, but it is inserted into the vagina like a menstrual cup. Tampons come in different sizes depending on the menstruation flow of the woman.

Another similarity to pads is that tampons can be wasteful. It needs to be changed regularly to prevent toxic shock syndrome.

The toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a sudden reaction to poison released by the staph bacteria. It can happen when wearing a tampon for too long. A tampon soaked and warm in the vagina is an ideal place for the bacteria to grow. That is why women who wear tampons may choose pads during sleep. However, TSS is a rare occurrence and can happen when a tampon is worn for around 30 hours.

Menstrual cups, pads, and tampons, each have their advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, it is up to the woman which product she likes to use. Luckily, there are those 3 options that are helpful to each woman and her lifestyle.

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