Meet Bliss, The Newest Member Of The Powerpuff Girls

Cartoon Network introduced fans to the newest member of the Powerpuff Girls–Bliss–in the five-part movie event, ‘The Powerpuff Girls: The Power Of Four’. This five-part story debuted earlier today giving us a better look and a backstory at the new PowerPuff Girl Blisstina A.K.A Bliss.

Bliss has similar facial features like her three other sisters. Her only unique characteristics are her shiny long blue hair, purple dress, and a pastel blue headband with a pink heart. Bliss, unlike her sister, is actually a teenager.

Bliss was also created by Professor Utonium with the earlier version of his “perfect little girl” combo of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Bliss is emotionally unstable and can easily lose control of her feelings and powers potentially causing destruction around her. After a tantrum-induced explosion, Professor Utonium thought she was gone forever. Another connection to the PowerPuff Girls mythology is that Bliss was best friends with Mojo Jojo when he was still the lab assistant.

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Avid fans of the series also remembered that even though the announcement said that Bliss is an official member of their team, this is not the first time that they had a fourth member on board. In season 2 of the original series, the girls attempted to create their own Powerpuff Girl resulting in a creation named ‘Bunny’–who sadly didn’t live for long.

During Season 4, Bubbles also gave a few drops of Chemical X to a wounded squirrel that she named ‘Bullet’, eventually also gaining superpowers and lent the girls a hand in fighting crimes. Lastly, the villain Princess Morbucks tried to be a part of their team but failed.

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Bliss will bring a lot of “firsts” to the series as she is the first official fourth member, the first teenage Powerpuff Girl, and the first dark-skinned Powerpuff Girl. She might have left Townsville at the end of the first episode, but she will surely come back to aid her sisters in protecting the city while also reconnecting with her father after years of isolation.

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