Meat Prices In NegOcc Seen To Drop After Holidays

As the demand for meat products in Negros Occidental eventually decreases after the holidays, prices are also expected to go down, according to the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO).

Provincial Veterinarian Renante Decena said that prices usually drop during the first week of January due to lower demand.

The decrease in celebrations is hugely contributing to surplus in supply in the local markets, he said.

As of the January 3, 2018 Prevailing Market Price Monitoring Report of PVO, there are no increases yet on the prices of carabeef, beef, pork, chevon, dressed chicken and even eggs.

A kilogram of carabeef still costs PHP226.52 while beef is PHP232.38.

Average price of pork remains at PHP195.95 per kilogram; chevon, PHP277.69; broiler chicken, PHP155.96; and native chicken, PHP213.60.

Prices of eggs remain steady at PHP5.68 to PHP7.09 per piece, depending on the size.

“We have yet to wait for our market price monitoring next week, but due to high probability of low demand, we are expecting lower prices,” Decena added.

Comparing the prices per district, PVO reported higher costs of carabeef, pork and dressed broiler chicken in cities and towns of Fourth District, at PHP231.67, PHP215, and PHP163.33 per kilogram, respectively.

In terms of beef, Sixth District posted the highest average price at PHP235 per kilogram.

The highest prices were recorded in Third District, at PHP315.67 per kilogram for chevon or goat meat while in the First District dressed native chicken is PHP240 per kilogram.

Movement in the average prices of commodities per district is normally attributed to the cost of handling from dressing plant or auction markets.(PNA)

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