This May: Stars of White Nights In Russia

Because of its geographical location at 59 degrees 57′ North, St. Petersburg, Russia is known for its long summer twilight and no other northern country has received such poetic and literary acclaim like its lively, friendly, and romantic “White Nights”.

With this unique phenomenon, St. Petersburg has established the Stars of White Nights Festival — an annual festival of ballet, opera, and music at the world-famous Mariinsky Theatre, home of the Kirov Opera and Ballet, and the Mariinsky Concert Hall.


It is part of the three-month long White Nights Festival which starts from May to July. It has surpassed every visitors’ expectation, shocking its audiences with its thrill and awe-spiring performances.

You wouldn’t regret every night spent at the festival, the surreal sensation of being the star of the ‘white night’.

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