May Forever: Image of Magayon And Panganoron Showing Their Undying Love Caught By Netizens

Ever since, Mayon is one of the most active volcanoes we have in the Philippines. The last documented eruption of the volcano was on 2014, and after 4 years, the active volcano started to show signs of eruption again. Almost 15,000 people leave their homes to evacuate. And just this Saturday (January 13), a phreatic eruption occurred that caused the volcano to spew grayish steam and ash plume that lasted for about 1 hour and 47 minutes. And as the volcano erupted, some netizens caught a photo of the eruption of the volcano, with ashes formed like Magayon and Panganoron showing how their love proved the vow “Til death do us part” through embracing each other.

According to a local folklore, the active volcano is named after Daragang Magayon, a beautiful maiden. It is said that Daragang Magayon fell in love with Panganoron, the brave son of a Rajah from the Tagalogs. They instantly fell in love but their story ended tragically as both of them were killed.

Some people cannot believe it their eyes, and even suspected that the photo was edited. To which Fafa Ella Fernandez responded with a hugot.

One netizen even interpreted it as Maui and Moana hugging because they have finally restored the heart of Te Fiti.

Meanwhile with this beautiful photo, Kerby Rosanes created an equally beautiful artwork.

Truly, Mayon Volcano is one of the places anyone would love to see. But right at this moment, let us continue to hope and pray for the safety our kababayans in Albay.

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