Marpolo Cabrera Holds Inaugural Solo Exhibit

Marco Polo Cabrera, a mass media professional, opens his maiden solo exhibit at Gateway Gallery on March 10, 2018 at 6 pm. His exhibit, Explorations, is a product of his relationship with his art and his experimentation of various styles and techniques. For each work, he draws inspiration by going to his center, a world that he calls his own. Whenever he closes his eyes, he is ushered into a space where he can freely sail through the realm of abstracts.

These Explorations opened his psyche to a wider and bigger perspective of abstract expressionism. It paved the way for him to discover his approach in capturing his thoughts and emotions to create highly personal, indeterminate but intriguing images. While it is a reflection of his inner self, it is also a symbol that is open to interpretation by the viewers. One sees the nuanced intricacy of these images as brought into fruition by each brush stroke and technique.

As an aspiring expressionist, he finds his source of creativity by simply listening to music. His iPod is a loyal companion, enabling him to listen to the music of his choice from a long playlist. Strangely, just like a Synesthete, listening to music makes him see colors, angles, shapes and enable him to “taste” words.

Senses aside, his raw emotions is also a big factor that fuels his EXPLORATIONS. Love, hate, happiness and anger are some of the emotions that ignite his inspiration in this broad world of abstract expressionism. This can be seen and felt in all of his works. Some whisper, some shout, and the rest simply assert itself. At times, his explorations can also be unplanned. Faced with the white canvas, he lifts his brush and just paint automatically.

Marpolo Cabrera is an emerging artist to watch out for. While he had a challenging start in his art career, he is confident that he is on his path to establishing his unique but recognizable style. For him, this is just the beginning of a promising future in the art world. As he grows over time and widens his experiences and reach, it is expected that his art will evolve and grow further.

Explorations will run until March 24, 2018. Gateway Gallery is the art museum of Araneta Center. It is open from Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 7 pm. It is located at the 5F of Gateway Tower, Araneta Center, Quezon City. Admission to the museum and use of SiningLakbay augmented reality is free. For more information or press inquiry or media coverage, please contact Gateway Gallery at 588-4000 local 8300, or at GatewayGalleryPH FB page.

CREDIT: Gadgets Magazine and Wazzup Pilipinas

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