#ManilaEncounters Spooks Twitterverse

A recent trend on twitter showcases yet another side of Filipino’s creativity and wittiness but this time, combined with exquisite wordplay and a touch of spookiness.

#ManilaEncounters have been stirring quite an attention on Twitter. The hashtag was purposely made for Table-top Role-Playing Game that was set in Metro Manila.

Our culture is rich with myths and folklore and this gave birth to spooky stories and other scary tales from the past or even in the present. These stories were creatively used by Netizens to develop trending tweets.

The hashtag then was followed by narratives from stories to flash fictions that primarily narrates ghost stories, mythological creatures and historical events fictionalized.

These following stories might give you the chills or things to ponder at during your “me” time.

What’s your take on the #ManilaEncounters?

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