Man Goes The Extra Mile For Proposal, Spells Out “Marry Me” Using Cycling Route

Jon Blaze and his girlfriend, Thao Nguynenon have always shared a strong love for cycling. The two ride together at least twice a week and even lead social rides around Houston on certain occasions. Now, a particular ride has become special to the couple since it led to their much-talked about engagement.

Before getting down on one knee, Blaze took his proposal to a whole new level by spelling out “Marry Me” using a cycling route app, Strava. The couple had gone on a 15.7 mile ride through Houston to spell out the words. All the while, Thau had been clueless about his intentions and even confused by the many turns they were taking.

Their route began in Buffalo Bayou Park, running through multiple streets in Houston before eventually leading back to their starting point. Blaze then pulled up the map on his phone to show her what he intended to ask, before finally bringing out the ring. Thau went from being annoyed about their unusual ride to overjoyed at Blaze’s proposal. The two are now happily engaged:

Blaze later shared their story on Reddit, much to the amusement (and happiness) of many users. While some simply congratulated the happy couple, others went as far as to say that Thau was definitely a keeper since she was willing to go along with the crazy route that Blaze had planned.

Photo Credit: Jon Blaze (Reddit)

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