Magniflex In Touch With Nature

Magniflex has always adopted a responsible approach with the environment. Its entire output has been designed to be environmentally friendly as they also reduce carbon dioxide emissions through the use of solar panels in their factory.

Magniflex created the vacuum packaging approach that would allow the transportation of the mattress to increase from 3 to 13 mattresses per delivery truck (1sqm/1sq.ft) that will drastically reduce the carbon emissions caused by transportation. Magniflex doesn’t only care for the safety of our environment, they also care for our skin, which breathes and absorbs every substance in the air.

Vacuum packaging process would expel the air from the mattress through mechanical pressure. From there on the mattress is then vacuum sealed through an ergonomic process as needed for transport and storage. It also ensures that our mattresses are kept perfectly clean. Because of its outstanding social responsibility, Magniflex also received the OEKO-TEX® certification, which guarantees that each component of the end product is free of toxic substances or any substance that is harmful to humans or the environment.

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