LTFRB Will Impose Mandatory PUV Drivers Training

After so many viral videos of PUV drivers violating road rules, LTFRB comes out with a plan to minimize this old but basic road problem.

“With the recent reports on accidents and harassment, the LTFRB has decided to institutionalize the driver’s academy program”, Aileen Lizada, LTFRB Board Member.

PUV drivers will be given training about road etiquette and basic road signs through LTFRB’s Driver’s Education Training Program.

The program aims to lessen road accidents and clanks due to driver’s ignorance to basic road rubrics.

After the completing the course, PUV drivers will be given certificates and an identification card that proves their participation on the said program.

These forms will now be a requirement for employment for PUV drivers. A fine will be imposed to companies that will hire PUV drivers without proper documents.

The program will start in May of the current year.