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It seems like passengers who come in late at their workplaces because of the inconvenience caused by LRT1 will now have an enough reason to be considered. LRT1 is now releasing a delay or an excuse certificate to passengers who are in jeopardy of getting a cut their salary because of coming in late.

According to the Head of Corporate Communications of LRT1, Rochelle Gamboa, included in the certificate is a report of what occurred that may have caused delays and an authorized signature from officials.

So if you’re wondering how to get a certificate, passengers must call the LRT-1 hotline number 8888-333 or contact its social media account on Twitter @officialLRT1 and give details such as the complete name, date and time of trip and stations where they departed and arrived. Certificates will be acquired within 2 to 3 days.

Furthermore, LRT1 authorities stressed that netizens can not take advantage of delay certificates as they are provided with complete record of time and date where an incident happened.

Photo Credit: instagram.com/rohanhyung