LOOK: This Is The Best Place To See The Surfing Hippos

Expect a giggle when you visit this unspoiled and protected area in Gabon, Africa as everyone will have a chance to see surfing hippos. Yes, these huge creatures love to have fun at the water just like humans do.

Loango National Park is where the rainforest meets the Atlantic Ocean and is a home for the most diverse wildlife. It is dubbed as the ‘land of the surfing hippos’ as it is found to be a spot wherein hippopotamuses come out of the forest to swim in the ocean.

Apparently, wild animals such as elephants, leopards and forest buffalos to name a few also love to have a dip at the white sand beach, too.

Loango National Park is a haven for all wildlife species because of the recent discovery of scientists, the 100-kilometer coastline is a home for the second greatest diversity of dolphins and whales. Tourists can anticipate an enormous number of 1500 to 3000 humpback whales to pass and swim in June as they prepare to spend the winter.

A type of vacation spent at the beach together with these wild animals will be unforgettable and exciting as long as proper cautions and safety is observed. So enjoy with discipline!

Here are more photos from Loango National Park:

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