Look: This Infographic Plaque Was Made By NASA For Aliens

The universe is an open dark space with limitless boundaries. That’s why the idea of extra-terrestrials or alien life forms will never die.

NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is responsible for the civilian space program, as well as aeronautics and aerospace research has also considered E.T presence.

In 1972, Pioneer 10, an American space probe was launched for mission to planet Jupiter. It became the first spacecraft to transverse the asteroid belt. This spacecraft also carries a very important plaque designed for aliens, the ‘Pioneer Plaques’.

Pioneer plaques are a pair of gold-anodized aluminium plaques featuring a pictorial message.

The plaques show nude figures of human male and female. Several symbols are also present in the surface depicting information about the origin of the spacecraft. The plaques were attached to the spacecraft’s antenna support bars. Positioned to keep away from interstellar dust erosion.

In the following year, after a successful launch of Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11 was launched to study the asteroid belt, the environment around Jupiter and Saturn, solar wind, cosmic rays, and eventually the far reaches of the Solar System and heliosphere. It also carries ‘Pioneer plaques’ on its mission.

Pioneer plaques’ over-all design gathers a lot of criticism involving inappropriate symbols and gestures.

Pioneer spacecrafts lost contact due to power constraints and incalculable distance to the probe. And now, we are just waiting for an E.T reply somewhere in the dark vast.