LOOK: This Giant Dumpling That Can Fill A Soup Spoon Is Set To Launch In Manila

There’s a wide Chinese population in the country which makes it easier for them to influence Filipinos especially with their famous cuisines. Without a doubt, people easily falls in love with their signature dishes such as noodles, soup, steamed buns and dumplings because of its delightful tastes.

Apparently, people can’t get enough of the new twist from a Chinese dumpling called ‘xiao long bao’ which happens to be so big that it can fill a soup spoon. It gets more captivating because its large size actually requires a straw just to sip the flavorful broth from it. Shanghai-based restaurant Bai Nian Tang Bao is set to dish out large-sized Xiao Long Baos in Uptown Parade with a tentative date of July 18.

As a bonus, Bai Nian Tang Bao will also offer everyone its famous Super Guan Tang Bao. It’s said to be so huge, it can fill a whole steamer.

The restaurant currently has 100 branches in Asia and is set to have its first ever in the Philippines in the coming months. Xiao Long Bao galore!

Here are the photos:

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