Look: PBB Holds Live Drama On TV

For the first time in Philippine television history, “Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7” is airing a three-day live drama dubbed “Titig ng Pag-ibig” wherein the remaining eight housemates will be star in their own series under the direction of Rory Quintos beginning tonight (Feb 23).

The tasks poses a huge challenge for the housemates because they only have a short amount of time to prepare themselves as actors and must deliver the necessary lines and emotions without cuts or take twos.

The three-day live drama corresponds to the third, fourth, and fifth Dream Team challenges. Big Brother has given the housemates the chance to secure seven slots for them at the Big Night by winning at least three of the five Dream Team Challenges. So far, the housemates had only managed to succeed in one and will need to win at least two more challenges.

Will they be able to complete the three remaining Dream Team challenges?

“Kuya taught me how to open my heart to my fellow housemates,” said Kisses.

“Being here makes you realize what you want more in life— family or dreams, ” said Edward.

Besides self-improvement, viewers were also inspired by the determination and dedication of the housemates when it comes to facing the tasks given by Big Brother.

“Dreams do really come true as long as you do your best,” said Maymay.

Cora adds, “There is a certain satisfaction when you do your all.”

“It will all be worth it because in the end you’ll see the fruit of your labor,” said Mccoy.