LOOK: Erwan Heusaff Hilariously Reacts To Anne’s K-drama Addiction

Do you ever wonder how boyfriends handle their girlfriends who are total K-drama addicts?

It seems like Anne Curtis belongs to the group! As a total fangirl of K-drama and Korean Oppas, Anne has been very vocal as she openly shares her K-drama addiction through social media.

Congratulations my oppa #GongYoo for winning Best Drama Actor for Goblin at the #BaeksangArtsAwards2017 ❤️ Well deserved! You are a brilliant actor and I admire you and your work very much! You have gained a loyal fan in me ahjussi! . . A big congratulations to whole crew, staff, director, cast #Goblin (specially Wookie and Kim Go-Eun) and most importantly the writer, Kim Eun-sook ❤️ What an introduction to the Kdrama world. Such a beautiful, beautiful story. Life changing for me. Seriously. I'm hooked. Goblin is for me, unforgettable. Well, obviously. I'm still not over it… ❤️ -#JiANNEtak . . . . P.S – thank you to the talented person that made this fan art ❤️ Found it over on twitter. #GoblinsBride #KdramaAddict #HayaanNyoNaAko

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First snowfall of the season. ❄️ He promised he would come to see me ❤ #Goblin #GoblinsBride

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But as Anne’s spectators wait for her Kdrama tweets and Instagram posts, it’s still undeniable that her fans also wait for her fiancé Erwan Heussaff’s reactions every now and then.

However, what sent netizens laughing is Erwan’s recent Instagram story posted with screenshots of Anne’s tweets about her main Oppa, Goblin actor, Gong Yoo.

Posted by Celebrity Desk on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

But netizens were even more surprised when Erwan posted a story on Instagram reacting to his fiancé’s crazy addiction on “Kpop”. Putting a checkbox of three choices, he teasingly asked the viewers if he should already unfollow Anne or not due to her excessive fangirl moments.

What made the scenario even more hilarious was when Anne responded to her fiancé’s IG story by retweeting a fan’s tweet—telling him that he should have used the term K-drama instead of K-pop.

Despite the annoyance and jealousy that Erwan playfully shows, Anne seems to have taken it as a joke. And yes, even her fans found it funny that a masculine fiancé would get jealous of his fiancé’s Oppas.

Although we all know that Gong Yoo probably has a special place in Anne’s heart, there’s no denying that Erwan isn’t going anywhere.

But wait, there’s more. Another rumor says that Anne will be partnering with a Korean actor soon, which means more hilarious reactions to expect from this couple in the future. Who knows?