Look: Bus Line Dismisses Honesty System After A Week Flop

Admit it, we all wanted honest people but sometimes, there are instances that they or we cannot be one to others and even to ourselves.

This kind of action prevents restoration of faith in humanity is reflected by the shutting down of a bus honesty payment type of fare.

The Green Frog Hybrid Bus Company posted on their Facebook page that they have tried using the honesty system of collecting fares rather than the usual conductor system.


The results saddened the company after knowing that almost 30% of the passengers skipped their fares! Just after a week they started the experiment.

And this is just the same thinking when motorists and other drivers beat the red light at night time, swerves on every space they see during a heavy traffic and other road violations they ignore.

The bus company announced that they will now return to the usual bus transportation scenario. The same thing that happened on the Manila Police District ‘Honesty Store’

Is it that hard to do the right thing even if no one is looking?

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