Link Your Dreams To Reality

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Link Your Dreams To Reality

Modern go-getters will find convenience to pursue side hustling with The Ellis’ pioneering Link Units


Every once in a while, you get a tinge of realization of how far you’ve come in life at a fairly young age. Indeed, you have done all the hard work in your career and have been generously compensated for it.

Yet at times, you still feel a fretting sense inside that you can still do so much more.

So you go out to explore more possibilities, just on the side of the job that now easily supports your day-to-day life. You may not have been aware of it, but you actually represent a new working lifestyle. Often called side hustling, it is working apart from your regular job, not mainly for getting additional income, but because it’s something that simply gives you incomparable fulfilment. Side hustling doesn’t just plug you into a dependable source of rhapsodic moments every now and then, it also provides the best kind of happiness: gratification, a lasting sense of achievement that instant mood upgrades can’t ever give you.

And many are those who, like you, are catching on this emerging lifestyle. International online magazine wrote that side-gigging has expanded far beyond ride-sharing and will continue to grow in popularity because it is a natural evolution of the workforce in a changing economy.

As the world evolves into this landscape, your feat depends on finding that perfect link to your passions; one that would open doors for you to get all the opportunities that you deserve.

The Ellis’ concept allows today’s go-getters to enjoy more
convenient lifestyles.

Introducing Megaworld’s newest residential masterpiece in the Makati CBD—The Ellis.

Much like how you would connect your passions to your everyday life, The Ellis is designed with the very first Link Units, which gives you the option of owning two connected units—one for your home and another for your office space. The sizes that you can choose from include studio + 1 bedroom, studio + 1 bedroom with balcony and studio+ 2 bedroom with balcony.

Inspired by the vibrant life of young, creative and passionate go-getters, The Ellis has a standout modern design and first-of-its-kind amenities. A unique facility that you will also enjoy as a resident is the CoLAB Shared Spaces, a shared office which you can have access to anytime.

Other distinct features of The Ellis include the Town Hall, a contemporary space for casual gatherings and perfect for intimate get-togethers, and the Pause & Play Room, an amenity designed to reset a tired body and replenish a drained creative mind. It also has its own fitness center with expansive workout equipment, and an al fresco pool with an amazing view of the Makati CBD skyline.

Another amenity exclusive to The Ellis is the Pause and Play room. A new concept in condo development, it is a place where unit owners can drop everything, leave the stresses from the city and just be in touch with one’s creative self. Made comfortably and designed artistically, Pause and Play is packed with stimulating board games, educational books, and entertaining activities. This amenity was designed to reset a tired body and replenish a drained creative mind.

At The Ellis, you can definitely make an industrious life, not just a living. For more information, contact +63917-887-6223, email or visit

Having an office connected to a residential unit is now possible, thanks to the LINK units of The Ellis.


The CoLAB Shared Spaces is a co-working facility exclusive to future residents


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