Limited Edition ‘Sailor Moon’ Smartphones Introduced

Sailor Moon is probably one of the most iconic cartoons of our childhood. Her moon crystal power was the favorite of every young girl. Luckily, Sailor Moon can now be taken just about everywhere. With the technology that a Chinese company released, they’ve created a limited edition Sailor Moon smartphone.

Meitu company from Hong Kong developed a super cute smartphone with a Sailor Moon theme. With its body of pink and gold, this smartphone will be a big hit not only for the youth but also for the adults who adore Sailor Moon.

The smartphone will feature a Cosmic Heart Compact design at the back of the phone, a selfie stick Inspired by Sailor Moon’s Spiral Heart Moon Rod and a remote control to click for selfies and videos.

The phone retails at $440 and is expected to sell out as soon as it goes on sale. There is still no confirmation about the applications inside the phone but it will surely be a Sailor Moon themed phone outside and inside.

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