Let’s Look At Uber’s List Of The Most Found Items From Their Riders

Maybe you’re one of the 100,000 Filipinos who use Uber everyday to go to places. Whenever we are riding something, there will always be that moment when we become very forgetful of our things. We sometimes tend to misplace things because we have so much to do or even if we’re not doing anything.

Maybe you’re one of them who most likely left something while riding Uber. Today, Uber released their annual Lost and Found Index with the list of the most found items from passengers.

The top 10 items most frequently left behind in Uber:

1. Phone
2. Wallet
3. Keys
4. Clothing
5. Glasses
6. Bag
7. Backpack
8. Vape/E-Cig
9. Headphones
10. ID/Driver’s License

Some of the items in this list are obvious and expected but some are not like the ID’s or the Vape. And if you would ask, who would forget their bags in the car?

More to that, there’s actually an important meaning to this list. This only shows how busy people are nowadays. We tend to forget those “little” items because of the loads of things we should do.

Quick tip for you not to forget anytime you ride other people’s car. Before you get out of that door, check first if you have all your things with you like cellphones, wallets and keys. After getting out of the car, also check where you sat down for you to see if you left something there.
Photo credit: Uber

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