Kris Aquino’s Releases Audition Clip For Crazy Rich Asians

Kris Aquino recently uploaded a video of her audition for the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” by author Kevin Kwan and producer Nina Jacobson.

The video was uploaded on March 13, 2019, where Kris Aquino delivered a message along the video that says:

“On purpose, we held back on releasing the actual AUDITION material that was sent to the Hollywood casters of Crazy Rich Asians… so why now? because the time is right. i am okay in face, comfortable sharing with you a special moment in my life.

there was a quote from Pinterest i tried to adhere to “The best moments of my life don’t make it to social media.”

for the longest time every moment i was attacked about my Crazy Rich Asians participation, this was MINE to look back on- i was good enough for Warner Brothers and Producer Nina Jacobson (i loved The Hunger Games book trilogy that became a 4-part blockbuster franchise) to greenlight Jon Chu and Kevin Kwan’s wild, perhaps crazy idea to write in the role of Princess Intan for Rachel’s “moment” – the lead star’s REALIZATION of her self-worth, because she was an intelligent, accomplished, beautiful NYU professor- for that scene everything i believe in as a woman- was affirmed

we become who we are NOT because of our last names, BUT because of how much we strive to learn, be decent human beings, and in real life we prove ourselves by our integrity and hard work… with no disrespect at all to my father, i have learned to put the interests of my sons over my own- because a strong woman raised me, and that strength came from LOVE.

we saw the many facets of motherhood in Crazy Rich Asians through the characters of astrid, eleanor, and kerry.

and because unfortunately in this mixed bag of storms and rainbows that is my LIFE- you’ve also seen some not so good parts…

let tonight be for looking back at what’s been good. tomorrow is another day.”

This is her message to those who are criticizing her role or her 5-minute exposure in the said movie, clearly stating that she is okay and that their opinions about her role does not affect her. It also contains an encouraging message for people striving to prove themselves by working harder and learning more.

The message was followed by her audition clips where she acted two versions of a character. In the first clip, she portrayed a condescending lady who hides her distaste in things and is projecting a calm demeanor even while she fuming with anger. The second clip features her still portraying the condescending character but in this one, she does not hide her annoyance, and she clearly conveys her feelings in the expressions of her face.

After her audition video, the next that is shown is her accompanying Kevin Kwan, the author of Crazy Rich Asians, to his book signing in Cebu.

And the last clip in the video is of her and Bimby going in the Hollywood premiere of Crazy Rich Asians where she is seen wearing a yellow gown and Bimby wearing a barong which is Philippines’ national clothing for the gentlemen.

Her upload was more than just showing her audition for the movie. It also showed her most precious moments where she wanted to share her joy to everyone who supports her and criticizes her. She showed that despite her haters’ responses to her participation in the movie, she would not be affected and will still continue her dreams and career.

Watch the video to witness one of Kris Aquino’s successes!

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