Julia Barretto Calls Out Bea Alonzo On Instagram For Inciting Bullying

Julia Barretto has finally broken her silence on her alleged involvement in Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson’s split. In a post on her Instagram account, Barretto addressed Alonzo directly, saying: “Your heartbreak should have been a private matter, but you selfishly turned it into something of national concern.”

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The young actress began the post with a picture of her and Alonzo from her early years in showbiz. She then went on to say that she had grown tired of the harsh words being said about her and her family: “While some might have forgotten, I am also human.”

In the next photo, Barretto cleared up misconceptions about her own break-up with her love team partner, Joshua Garcia. “Josh and I had broken up four months ago. We have publicly admitted it together and we have cleared that there was no third-party involved,” she explained. The two have remained friends since then. Garcia seems to be supportive of Barretto in the midst of the drama as the latter previously shared a text from him on her Instagram stories, which read: “Malalampasan mo yan. I know you, you’re the strongest girl na nakilala ko. Takot nga ako sayo eh.”

Finally, Barretto reminded Alonzo that even if she hadn’t been tagged her in the controversial “ENOUGH” Instagram post, she enabled others to do the bullying instead. Barretto capped off her statement with a strong reminder to Alonzo: “You can play victim all you want but I refuse to be your victim.”

After the post went up, Julia’s mother Marjorie commented to express her pride and love for her daughter. She has been by her Julia’s side since the issue started. Meanwhile, Julia’s aunt Gretchen remains unconvinced about her niece’s claims of being victimized and continues to side with Alonzo. Gretchen even replied to one user’s comment with a scathing critique of Julia’s statement: “The fact that they hired a ghost writer for this post is hilarious and makes her sound desperate to salvage whatever is left.”

Photo Credit: Julia Barretto Official Twitter (@BarrettoJulia)

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