Join The Race To 2,000 Notebooks With ‘The Pahina Project’ Of Viviamo!

Viviamo! Inc., makers of the ‘Belle de Jour Power Planner’ and ‘Navi: Your Life Navigator Journal’, always believed in the power of education in empowering the future generation.

They also believed that believes that growth and empowerment goes hand in hand. There is no better way to support this growth but to provide quality notebooks to public school students nationwide!

Because of this, most of their advocacy-driven events is focused on helping out public school students in their quest for quality education. Hence the creation of their newest product, The BDJ Advocacy Notebooks. These notebooks are not only made of quality materials but were also minimally designed to encourage artistry of their students.

In order to launch this project and create more notebooks for donation to public schools, they launched ‘The Pahina Project—Race to Raise 2000 Notebooks’. The rules are simple: for every notebook you buy, Viviamo Inc. will donate one. They also gave options to buy and donate both notebooks to deserving students. These efforts pushed forward Viviamo’s advocacy.

To join and help Viviamo’s advocacy towards helping our Filipino students, what you only need to do is to purchase notebooks through their site,, which in turn would mean more students getting access to these quality notebooks. We hope you support Viviamo’s advocacy and it would mean a lot if you join us in this venture.

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