Jeremy Renner Joins The Cast Of The New ‘Spawn’ Movie

Popular for playing “Hawkeye” in the Marvel movie franchise, Jeremy Renner joins another movie adaptation of a popular comic book series, “Spawn” of Image Comics, to portray Twitch, as announced by Blumhouse and McFarlane Films.

Starring alongside Jamie Foxx who will play the hellish antihero Spawn, Jeremy Renner is set to play a homicide detective and an expert marksman in the New York Police Department named Maximilian “Twitch” Williams, who is also one of the allies of Foxx’s character.

In the comics, alongside Twitch is his NYPD partner Sam Burke. The actor to portray Burke is expected to be announced soon.

Todd McFarlane will direct the movie, allowing him to re-imagine his comic book creation as well as to make his feature-length directorial debut. He said that Renner was his top choice for Twitch.

“Spawn” is centered on Al Simmons, a betrayed and assassinated CIA operative whose powers came from a deal with a demon. He wanted to return to Earth to see his wife again, only to find out that his wife has married his best friend, Terry Fitzgerald. Hungry for revenge, he directed his rage in fighting crime.

“Spawn” will premiere in theaters in 2019 as a reboot for the 1997 film adaptation.

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