Japan Starts Implementing Departure Tax To Promote Tourism

To welcome more tourists, improve tourism base, and upgrade immigration system, Japan has started collecting departure tax of ¥1000 or PhP 485 to 490 last January 7, 2019.

Moreover, for a faster and more efficient immigration processes, the Japanese government plans to use the revenue to install facial recognition gates at terminals. Also, it will be used to innovate public terminals to provide more cashless payments and multilingual information boards.

The tax will be implemented every time a person leaves the country except for children under 2 years old and those bought and were issued a ticket before Monday.

Since the country’s visitors increased in the recent years, Japan is eyeing an increase in the annual number of visitors to 40 million by 2020, the season of Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

The expected income from the tax is expected to reach “¥6 billion in fiscal 2018 through March 2019 and ¥50 billion in fiscal 2019.”

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