Janties: Yes or No?

Y/Project Navy Denim Panties or ‘janties’ are from the recent collection of the denim brand Y/Project which is a Paris-based label with Glenn Martins as Creative Director.

Jeans are one of the most chosen articles of clothing which is why different clothing companies try and make varieties of it. This piece of clothing can be worn under or over our pants and is claimed to be more adjustable than our typical underwear.

The panties are available on Ssense’s website for $315 and it can seemingly be worn as underwear or outfit.

It was described by many people as “the ugliest thing that they have ever seen.” Many people expressed their complaints on Twitter about the unique garment.

Most of the complaints were about the garment causing discomfort or chafing in the woman’s area and its selling price.

Photo Credit: SSENSE’s Official Twitter Account

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