iTunes Has Fallen

At WWDC 2019, an announcement came up that would shake the world of Apple Users. iTunes is going to be shut down, or at least winding down. The new generation of apps such as Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV will be there in its stead.

The multiple functions that iTunes has will be moved to those other apps instead, the music service is gone, being transferred to Apple Music, Podcasts will then be moved to Apple Podcasts, and a new service will open up called Apple TV, where all visual content will be moved to.

However, what would this mean for the iPhone users, who require iTunes to back up their data, such as their photos and videos? For that, it is still uncertain, as Apple has not yet stated anything specific regarding that issue.

The transition is yet to be confirmed but it is believed that it would not be noticeable. As when Apple released Apple Music, not many had truly noticed the removal of music from iTunes and placement of it in Apple Music.

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