Instagram’s Friendship-Saving Mute Button Is Finally Here!

Tired of ‘that’ friend’s continuous boring posts on Instagram, but can’t risk to press that unfollow button and lose the barely-surviving friendship?

Well, say no more. Instagram has finally answered your prayers.

Instagram added a new special option, the magical mute button, which will be rolling out over the coming weeks. The mute button allows the users to select to remove someone’s post, or both their posts and stories without unfollowing them.

Here’s the best part: the people whom you’ve blocked won’t know that you’ve banished them from your feed. Say goodbye finally to those repetitive posts of things nowhere near the ‘aesthetic’ that you crave for.

The feature is made particularly for the purpose of an easier management on keeping up with your interests, and the things you would want to see on your feed.

Once the feature becomes available to you, muting would be as easy as a snap. Just tap on the three dots located on the upper right hand corner of a post, or of someone’s profile. Then, you will be a presented with a generous option of whether wanting to “Mute Posts,” “Mute Story,” or “Mute Posts and Story.” You will still be able to view the person’s profile, receive DMs from them, see what they’ve tagged you; and also, you can unmute anytime.

The choice is yours, it’s in the tip of your finger.

Obviously, everyone has been waiting for this feature. The suffering is over, folks!

Thank you for helping us keep our sanities in check, Instagram! Also, cheers to saved friendships!