Indulge With The World-Famous Paintings And Sculptures In The City Of Florence

Known as one of the most aesthetic cities in the world, Florence is a tourist-magnet in Italy because of the Renaissance buildings and iconic structures that it possesses. Fall in love with the Instagram-worthy spots hidden in the city while looking back at its rich history.

Florence Cathedral, the main church of the city is the best way to start everyone’s tour in the city. Its laudable ceiling filled with breathtaking paintings leave tourists in only two situations: shocked and left with their neck stuck-up while admiring its beauty.

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Make this art and history exposure more special by going to the prominent museum in the city called Uffizi Gallery. This is where the most-renowned works of legendary artists are found. And these are preserved by the locals so the next generation will still witness these treasures.

How about a stroll in the park while staring at sculptures dating from 16th centuries to 18th centuries? Well, this is made possible by the Boboli Gardens which is also a home for Roman antiques. There’s no doubt that Florence can be crowned as the city of arts because of its exceptional presentations of crafts.

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