In The Name Of Love: Japanese Princess Gives Up Her Crown To Marry Commoner

In fairytales, it’s usually the Prince that marries a commoner to which the protagonist becomes a princess. But recently, a real-life love story has been tugging more heartstrings than the ever-so-famous Cinderella story we all grew up to know and love. Japanese Princess, Princess Mako has chosen to leave the royal family just so she can marry a commoner named Kei Komuro. Both 25, Princess Mako is the granddaughter of Emperor Akihito. The two met at the International Christian University of Tokyo while they were students. It’s safe to say that since then, the two have been madly in-love.

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Unfortunately, for Princess Mako to marry a commoner, she is required by law to exit the royal family. Technically, the engagement isn’t official as there has been no exchange of gifts but the intention has been made clear. Meanwhile, many netizens have been swarming with giddy responses over the heartfelt gesture of the Princess to live the rest of her days as the wife of a commoner.

Looks like this love story has found its own happy ending.