Iloilo Hospital Offers Diabetes Prevention, Management Educ

A popular hospital, in collaboration with medical experts, now offers a program that provides comprehensive management and prevention of diabetes through education.

Dr. Eugene Ramos, chief executive of The Medical City (TMC), said whether one is already suffering from the disease or have doubts of being diabetic, it is important that they are properly informed.

“Diabetes is a blood vessel problem. It goes to the brain, it goes to the heart, it goes to the legs. A lot of it you don’t really have any symptoms until it happens,” he said.

TMC’s diabetes and metabolism program can provide wide-ranging management of diabetes and its complication, diabetes screening and its prevention, obesity and cardiovascular through education.

They have five in-house doctors under Dr. Genevieve Sia–Majewski who will guide patients understand diabetes and its possible complications.

Sia–Majewski said diabetes is a “fast growing metabolic disorder.” It has affected almost 425 million people worldwide and about 7.3 million Filipinos.

“The program is unique because it provides patients easy access to the multi-disciplinary team composed of diabetes specialists,” she said.

It works on the principle of having patients as partners as the former are afforded close monitoring of their health development.

“The partnership is about ‘we and the patient together.’ The patient has to assume responsibility for his own health. It is not about what the doctors are going to tell you. It’s about the patient and the doctor together and doing things together,” Ramos said.

Ramos added that as soon as they gather enough diabetes patients, then they plan to come up with a free education program, which will also serve as venue for diabetics to discuss among themselves.

“Education is really important. The more that patients are educated, the more that they are going to ask questions,” he added. (PNA)

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