Hyundai Launches First Hydrogen-Powered SUV Called Hyundai NEXO

Hyundai’s focus on eco-friendly and futuristic vehicles is paving the way for a cleaner future on the road.

Set to be launched this year, the Hyundai NEXO is Hyundai’s latest addition to its line of electric vehicles, and it will be the 1st commercially available Hyundai SUV to be fully hydrogen-powered.

The Hyundai NEXO is supported by fuel cell technology, making it a zero-emission vehicle that causes no air pollution.

According to Hyundai Europe Chief Operating Officer Thomas Schmid, the launch of the NEXO is part of Hyundai’s plan to spread eco cars globally in the next decade.

“The All-New NEXO is an essential step in our eco car strategy to launch 18 new eco cars globally until 2025,” Thomas said. “It reflects our strong commitment in clean future mobility.”

The Hyundai NEXO currently holds the best driving range for any fuel cell car. The electric SUV tops out at a 666 km driving range.

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