How To Travel Light For Your Next Adventure Trip

How To Travel Light For Your Next Adventure Trip


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One of the most difficult part of travelling is packing. Once you start packing your things, that’s when a lot of questions come in your mind, like what if I need this? What if I forget something? What if I do not bring this and end up suddenly needing it on the trip.

These loads of questions will then lead you to bringing everything that you might possibly need and end up over packing. So, here are some tips on how you can travel light on your next adventure trip so that you will not have to worry about exceeding the carry-on weight limit.

Make A Packing List

Make a packing list of the things that you need and want and then try to cut in half the list of wants. If you are not sure that you will be needing a certain item, then do not put on the list. Making a packing list ensures that you will not forget to pack anything, which will make your trip a lot more enjoyable.

Choose The Right Luggage

Start with a smaller suitcase.  When it comes to packing, people tend to fill up the spaces that they have. The easiest way to pack light is by giving yourself less space which is why you should use a smaller suitcase because in this way you will not be tempted to fill up those extra spaces.

Bring A Multipurpose Footwear

Most travelers can get by with two pairs of shoes, depending on what kind of trip they are taking. Wear the heaviest pair of shoes that you have on the plane and reserve the lighter pairs for the suitcase. Choose a pair of shoes that will fit almost all the clothes that you will wear, so that you will not bring a lot.

Choose What Clothes You Will Bring

When choosing which clothes to pack, consider lighter fabrics. Don’t pack clothes with heavy fabrics such as wool and fleece. Choose clothes with fabrics like silk, nylon, and cotton.

Layer Your Clothes

If you must bring something bulky like a winter coat, wear it. In this way you would be able to have a lighter weight in your bag. But if your trip does not require you to wear any extra layering then do not bring a coat at all.

Pack For One Week

If you are travelling for a week or two, pack for one average week and from there mix and match the wardrobe that you have.   It is easier to visualize one week of clothes than having to visualize a one-year worth of clothes.

Leave Most Toiletries At Home

If you can get toiletries at your destination, leave most of it at home. When you book your hotel, guesthouse, or apartment, ask if they supply items such as shampoo, lotion, or soap. But, if you can’t travel without using your own set of shampoo or soap then try to look for the solid counterparts of those items because it is much lighter but if there aren’t any solid counterparts, consider transferring your toiletries into a smaller travel tubes.

Use Packing Organizers

Using packing organizers is one of the best ways to organize and save space. With a travel organizer you can prevent over packing because you can limit what you pack by choosing an organizer for each category.

Weigh Your Bag

Do not guess the weight of your suitcase, buy a travel scale to check the weight of your suitcase. By doing this it can also help you to save money because some airlines charge a huge amount of money when you go over the carry-on weight limit.

Choose What Electronic Device To Bring


If you do not need your laptop then do not bring it. You can opt to use your smartphone to do what you need to do in your laptop. Using your smartphone instead of a laptop can also help you save space.

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Globe Recreates The Holiday Season With #ChristmasWeLove Live Pop-Up

Join Globe as they celebrate the holiday season with #ChristmasWeLove - a series of live digital pop ups featuring fun activities for your family and friends!