Tips On How To Achieve The Trendy “Glass Skin”

Women today have been obsessed about the Korean Beauty trend to which they call as “glass skin.” As Korean drama conquers the Philippines, not only did Filipinos noticed the good plot of every K-drama but also the good skin of the Korean actors and actresses. However, a certain Korean woman who revealed her skin-care routine made a buzz through different social media websites.

Ellie Choi, an aspiring Korean make-up artist situated in Los Angeles posted a step-by-step routine on how she got her glass skin. After a few hours, the post went viral and a lot were quick to replicate her post by making it an article and a step-by-step video. The so-called “glass-skin” has now been the trend for its features are pristine, luminous, transparent and glowing where some even doubt that it’s just a ton of wet-highlighter applied on her skin.

In the series of her post on Instagram, she starts off by giving the details of her night routine. After her face has been on make-up for long hours, she uses Neutrogena make-up remover wipes to remove her make-up.

She then proceeds to cleansing her face with preferably Cetaphil cleanser for its affordability or Kiehls brand.

Since there might still be an excess dirt and make-up on her face, she uses Clinique toner to remove those.

After the toner, her tip is to moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated overnight with her favorite creams, Cetaphil and Wonjin.

But in order to achieve a complete natural glow, she makes sure that she exfoliate away the dead skin from her face every other day where she revealed Skinfood face scrub is her favorite.

And restore and rejuvenate her skin by using Innisfree facial mask sheets weekly.

Ellie Choi ended the slide with her most important tip, not only to have a glowing skin but also to have a healthy diet. According to her, fried meals and greasy foods affect her skin, that’s why her advice is to drink tons of water daily and to eat less greasy and more of veggies.

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