Hop On To LRT1’s “Love Train” And Stay In Love

Everybody knows that come February, chocolates, flowers and hearts are major staples in daily scenes. In celebration of the month of Feb-ibig, the Light Rail Management Corporation (LRMC) launched its “Love Train” with the theme #LRT1Love. Celebrating love regardless of religion, ethnicity or political beliefs, the rose-filled love train delights daily commutuers with a sense of joy and heart-warming ambience.

The train’s windows are adorned with rose-vines with pops of pink, white and red roses.

The poles are covered with flower-printed stickers while an image of a cupid playing on a fountain with roses complete the total feeling of “love in the air”.

Some portions of the train are also adorned with prints of roses while the train ceiling has patches of bright clouds.

From the outside, commuters get a peak of the Valentine’s feel but the piece-de-resistance is a full-on love surprise inside – they are welcomed with a full experience of a love garden scene on a date-night or day. Numerous netizens have expressed their joy online about LRT-1’s efforts in dressing up its trains in preparation for the 14th. The train also serves as the perfect selfie background for those who want their own version of a Valentine’s photo.

Catch the rose-decked train along LRT-1 stations and snap your version of a Valentine’s selfie with the hashtag #LRT1Love.

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