For the second time in History, the biggest entertainment convention is back in the Philippines, the History Con 2017, to cater to all the Filipino fans. August 10, 2017 marked the official opening of the event and it was packed with different stars from the different shows in the History channel.

The line-up of the television personalities who were present at the first day of the event were, Corey Harrison of the “Pawn Stars”, “Horny” Mike Henry, an airbrush artist of Counting Cars, Danielle Colby of The Pickers (American Pickers), Jaime Dempsey of Ride N’ Seek, Ryu Lim of Forged in Fire, Justin Mott of Photo Face-off, Phoemela Baranda of the upcoming Celebrity Car Wars Season 2, Simon Yin, John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin of Tiny House Nation and Adam Liaw of Destination Flavour.

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H-Con’s special guests, Jordan Kilganon, a professional dunker, Takeru Kobayashi, a Japanese professional competitive eater and Barry “Butch” E. Wilmore, a captain of the U.S. Navy and a NASA astronaut, were also present in the event and graced the ribbon cutting ceremony. Each of the celebrities introduced their respective shows to the public, who in return warmly welcomed the stars as they were introduced one by one to the people. Some of the stars had exclusive presentations to those who were present in the event, just like the presentation of the astronaut, Barry Wilmore, which was applauded by the audiences.

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For those fans of the different shows of History channel, this will be a good opportunity to catch a glimpse of your favorite stars at History Con 2017 that is held at the World Trade Center. Who knows, you might bump into “Horny” Mike while he showcases his airbrushing talent or get a chance encounter with an actual astronaut.