Manila’s biggest entertainment convention is back and promises a bigger, better, and bolder showcase at the World Trade Centre Manila from August 10 to 13.

Enjoy over 300 exciting exhibits and experiences, from historic and classic displays of traditional, as well as contemporary and popular cultures; including the first-ever ‘FYI Home & Living Fair’ and exclusive talks and workshops by your favorite stars.

Back by popular demand, Corey Harrison (Pawn Stars), Jaime Dempsey (Ride N’ Seek) and Justin Mott (Photo Face-off) returns to the Philippines, alongside “Horny” Mike Henry (Counting Cars), Danielle Colby (The Pickers), Ryu Lim (Forged In Fire), and Phoemela Baranda (Celebrity Car Wars). Popular international celebrities from FYI’s hit shows John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin (Tiny House Nation), and Adam Liaw (Destination Flavour) will also join the stellar line up.

This year’s world record attempts will feature special guests and internet sensations that took the world by storm. Get to watch professional freestyle basketball dunker Jordan Kilganon, also known as “The Dude who dunked in jeans,” as he performs multiple “Mission Impossible” attempts. His 50-inch vertical jump which allows him to do acrobatic dunks is a feat not to be missed. Catch Takeru Kobayashi, one of the world’s most extraordinary professional competitive eaters, who is widely known for breaking the world record in eating 50 hotdogs in just 12 minutes. After multiple hugely successful world record attempts and performances internationally, both Jordan and Takeru will take on the challenge at HISTORY Con on a new series of world record attempts right here in Manila.

Other special guests include Barry E. Wilmore (Captain, U.S. Navy), a veteran of two spaceflights who has accumulated a total of 178 days in space as a NASA Astronaut, and Dr. Ambeth R. Ocampo, award-winning and distinguished public historian whose research covers the Philippines in the 19th Century. Both honorable guests will be conducting exclusive talks respectively at the mega convention.

Making her debut appearance in the Philippines, Danielle Colby shares the art and antics of the trade with exclusive talks. The extraordinare holds down the fort at Antique Achaeology, the home base of The Pickers show on HISTORY.

Special highlights include the largest automotive display of cars and motorbikes. See your beloved international celebrities in action at the legendary motorcade rally with Jaime Dempsey and hands-on ‘live’ car airbrushing showcase by “Horny” Mike Henry. Check out the best of customized motorbike designs engineered by some of the most talented Filipinos.

Originally from the Northern islands of the Philippines, Ryu Lim has been practicing bladesmith since the age of nine. He is returning to the homeland and will be conducting “live” demonstrations on the test of blades forged by some of the best local artisans and bladesmith in the country.

Explore the ‘lenscape’ of photography with award-winning resident professional photographer, Justin Mott. He will be conducting a few exclusive photography masterclass sessions where participants will learn photography tips and tricks, including a hands-on photo walk to apply their learnings in an out-of-classroom experience. Participants are encouraged to bring along their DSLR cameras for the session.

Uncover the rise of popular culture at the comic strip as “Superheroes” come to life through the art and creative expression of “Cosplay” (costume play). Suit up as a character or even iconic national hero or personality to win great prizes. Explore the amazing display and special collectibles of superheroes, toys, and comics by creative talents in the Philippines and around the world.

Game for a challenge? An array of exciting indoor and outdoor activities will put you to the test, both physically and mentally. Participate in some of the thrilling combat activities such as shooting range, medieval battle, airsoft wargames, paint ball, archery attack, or even the urban assault’s daredevil motorbikes obstacle course. Bounce to the sensational new “bubble sport” or play a tactical “laser max” game of indoor laser tag.

This year, as part of HISTORY’s 10th anniversary celebration in Asia, 10 notable Filipinos who have had a significant impact on the nation’s life and culture will be awarded the HISTORY Maker Award at the closing ceremony. Who will make it to the list? Check out ‘live’ updates on HISTORY social community page on Facebook.

Get exclusive privileges when you purchase a HISTORY MAKER VIP ticket at P10,000, limited to 100 tickets only. Other ticketing tiers include HISTORY MAKER PASS at P1,500 for entire four-day access to the convention and regular GENERAL ADMISSION ticket at P250 for one-day access only. Tickets are on sale at SM Ticket outlets and

Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison began working at the pawn shop at the age of 9. Expertly trained in the art of appraisal, Corey has the brains to spot a cheat, and handles everything when it comes to hiring and firing employees and managing eBay clients. Though Corey thinks Rick treats him like a slave, Rick believes that Corey still needs to prove himself and earn his keep. Without a real stake in the business, Corey is hoping that all of his hard work will one day pay off.

About Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars takes you inside the colorful world of the pawn business at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Three generations of the Harrison family run the business where they discover the stories and worth behind the interesting artifacts that different individuals bring into their shop.

Danielle Colby is the multi-talented co-host of The Pickers, who also happens to be a burlesque dancer and roller derby player.

About The Pickers

The show follows the collectors as they hunt and discover items of historical, collectible, and pop culture value that they sell in their antiques shops or, in some cases, put in their personal collections. The show opens up doors to amazing lives and histories with the long forgotten antique objects the collectors find on the road.

“Horny” Mike Henry is a talented airbrush artist and the go-to guy for extraordinary and outlandish ideas in the HISTORY show Counting Cars.

About Counting Cars

The show follows the talented team at Count’s Kustoms as they find, restore, and modify classic cars, motorcycles, or anything with wheels into one-of-a-kind, modern mobile machines.

Ryu Lim is the winner of Forged in Fire. Blacksmithing since his childhood in his hometown, the Filipino craftsman moved to the U.S. where he won the competition series.

About Forged in Fire

Hosted by weapons expert and U.S. Army and Air Force veteran Wil Willis, world-class bladesmiths compete to create history’s most iconic edged weapons that undergo a battery of strength and sharpness tests, as well as the critical assessment of expert judges.

Jaime Dempsey is co-founder of LA-based women’s motorcycle clothing company ATWYLD and hosts the HISTORY series Ride n’ Seek.

About Ride n’ Seek

Ride n’ Seek follows Jaime Dempsey as she bikes across different countries in Southeast Asia in search of exciting adventures, from swimming with whale sharks in Brunei and getting a tribal tattoo at the top of a mountain in the Philippines.

Justin Mott is an American photographer who founded his own photography and video production series, Mott Visuals. He is also the resident professional photographer on HISTORY’s Photo Face-Off.

About Photo Face-Off

Photo Face-Off treats viewers to a tour of some of the most beautiful locations around the world as local amateur photographers push the limits of their creativity and technical knowledge through various photo challenges in a bid for exciting prizes from Canon.

Phoemela Baranda is a model, actress, and TV model currently competing against other Asian stars in HISTORY’s second season of Celebrity Car Wars.

About Celebrity Car Wars

Celebrity Car Wars is an award-winning automotive reality entertainment series that brings together celebrities and takes them on an eight-week road of automotive discovery as their driving skills are put to the test.

Simon Yin is an actor, film and commercial director, and host of HISTORY’s The History Hustle.

About The History Hustle

The History Hustle takes viewers out to explore the ins and outs of some of Asia’s most colorful cities. Host Simon Yin fills in audiences on the rich history of these locales in exciting, unexpected ways.

HISTORY® is available on SKYCable Ch 67; Cable Link Ch. 43; Dream Satellite Ch 30; Destiny Cable Ch 57; and CignalTV Ch 125.

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