Here’s Why DFA Passport Appointment Schedule Is Fully-Booked In All Locations Until March

In booking a flight, we must have this to enter in other countries and I’m sure you know this, our passports. But, it seems like booking a flight is easier than booking an appointment for passport application and passport renewal.

Based on the website of Depatment of Foreign Affairs (, the passport appointments in all 27 DFA satellite offices are all fully booked from January until March and April appointments has yet to open.

Because of this, a lot of applicants have expressed their frustration and complains online. But one of it has caught the attention of many when “The Motherland Facebook Page” posted an open letter of a certain netizen who experienced the protracted system of DFA.

According to her, due to lack of appointments, she resort in asking assistance to travel agencies which costs Php4,500 without the actual passport fees. Puzzled as to why travel agencies can issue an appointment and DFA website itself can’t, she asked ‘how’.

“When I asked how it is possible for them to secure those appointments without any applicant yet, I was told that they are being “assisted” by some DFA employees to block the schedules and in turn, they pay them.”

The whole open letter:

With this post, other netizens also roast their comments on the said Department by letting the corruption to happen.

There have been other cases like this last year. According to DFA, those scams have been uncovered by information technology experts. Last September, DFA have alotted more slots to individuals by removing travel agencies on their list of priorities.

However, it remains a question as to why is it still happening for DFA has yet to comment on the issue.

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