Here’s How You Can Get A ‘Pride’ Reaction Emoji

In celebration of love and equality this June, Facebook launched a new ‘Pride’ reaction emoji.

The LGBT community has been active in creating programs and events that will showcase equal rights and create clamor for oar treatment for each member of the community.

As Facebook stands as a platform of equality and unity, Facebook marks this year’s Pride month with the launch of a special ‘Rainbow Flag’ reaction emoji.

And to show Pride in your feed, simply follow these few steps:

-Enable the Rainbow Flag reaction emoji on your account by simply liking the official Facebook page of the LGBTQ. Here is the link

-After a few refreshes, you can now get Rainbow Flag reaction emoji on your reaction list.

With expanding views and accepting rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders throughout the globe, In next to no time, LGBT community can achieve not just equal rights but an equal society.