Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The iPhone X

It has been a dream of Apple fans and Apple themselves to have a futuristic cellphone that can respond to a tap, your voice or even a glance. Today, that dream is approaching stores in its physical manifestation. Apple has recently introduced the iPhone X and its release date last Tuesday, September 12.

Apple claims that the new iPhone X, which is pronounced as ‘iPhone Ten’, is worth your money and time because it is also the fruit and celebration for Apple’s 10th year anniversary, making big changes this 2017 and the years coming.

iPhone X wasn’t the only smartphone announced by Apple. The iPhone 8 and 8 plus was also revealed too.

iPhone X pre-orders will begin on October 27 and the release will be on November 3. Supplies maybe expected to be very limited. Prices will start at USD$999 for 64GB and USD$1,149 for 256GB.

Apple also managed to make the iPhone X bigger yet smaller at the same time. It will have a more expansive 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen killing the home button but the size is actually smaller than a Plus-sized iPhone. It also feels lighter than the other iPhones. Apple sticks to the classic with a color range of space gray and silver. No red, gold, rose gold or rumored blush gold colors this time around, which is disappointing for the Rose Gold fans.

Charging will also be wireless for iPhone X. Charging could be as easy as dropping it on a wireless pad, which is an innovation for smartphones throughout the industry.

Apple welcomes us to Face ID unlocking your phone with just a glance. With facial recognition features, you literally won’t have to move a muscle to unlock your phone.

Apple also took emojis to the next level. It utilized its TrueDepth camera to mirror your facial expressions on an emoji. Also, it has 2 more hours of battery life than the iPhone 7 which makes it the longest battery span for a smartphone.

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