Gradual Rise Of Water Elevation In Angat, Bustos Dams Noted

The light to moderate rains being experienced in this province gradually boosted the water elevation in Angat and Bustos dams.

Based on the monitoring report of the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (PDRRMO) of Bulacan as of Saturday morning, the water level of Angat Dam is at 172.56 meters compared to the previous day’s water level of 170.97 meters and is gradually rising near its 180-meter minimum operating level.

The PDRRMO report also showed that the Bustos Dam’s water level rose by six millimeters at 17.60 meters as against Friday’s 17.54 meters.

However, the Ipo Dam’s water elevation slightly went down to 100.97 meters compared to Friday’s 100.98 meters.

Angat Dam is the major supplier of the domestic water for Metro Manila residents while Bustos Dam regulates the irrigation supply to the farmlands in Bulacan and some parts of Pampanga.

On the other hand, Ipo Dam is being used as a water reservoir for Metro Manila’s water concessionaires.

Meanwhile, the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) has not yet given a go-signal for additional water allocation for Metro Manila’s use despite the more than 10-meter rise in the water elevation of Angat Dam from its critical level of 16 meters.

Sevillo David Jr., NWRB executive director, said the water level of the Angat is “still below the minimum operating level of 180 meters.”

“The water allocation for Metro Manila’s domestic use of 36 cubic meters per second as approved by the NWRB for the month of August is being maintained to allow the dam to be recharged and reach the operating zone the soonest possible. This is to further address domestic water needs for the rest of the year for Metro Manila as well as for irrigation in Bulacan and Pampanga,” David said.

David said that technically, the cloud-seeding operations over the Angat & La Mesa watershed areas are ongoing.

“However, the operations are suspended whenever there are weather disturbances affecting the areas,” he said. (PNA)

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