GRAB To Add An ‘Auto-Accept’ Feature On It’s App

The Grab application developers are considering to add an auto-accept feature on its mobile app because of the complaints of the consumers about some Grab drivers cancelling if the customer’s destination is far or if there is a traffic congestion along the way.

According to reports, the feature was tested out to 5,000 Grab drivers.

On the hearing of The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) regarding the takeover of Grab to Uber, officials asked them if they will incorporate some features from Uber like the ‘auto-accept’ feature.

Brand country head, Bryan Cu said, “So even before this transaction was consummated, we already placed a feature that we’re testing called the auto-accept feature where drivers are automatically allocated,”

According to Cu, it cannot be rolled out immediately and they are doing a ‘soft launch’ of the feature. If the program was already stable they will roll out the update for the Grab app.

In the meantime, they are already getting Uber’s extended operation shares. This Uber-Grab transaction will greatly affect the PCC’s review since the two should be working separately.

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