The fidget Spinner is the latest toy craze around the world. With more than thousands of items sold, it is now one of the most successful and well-loved toys in history.

Aside from just spinning, you can do a lot of tricks using the fidget spinner which makes it more fun and exciting to play.

But for those people who still don’t own a fidget spinner or simply don’t have the means to buy one, Google has added a virtual fidget spinner in the search results section.

To access the secret fidget spinner, you must search the word ‘spinner’ in the Google search bar. A widget will show below along with the other search results.

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The virtual fidget spinner spins by means of copying the hand rotating motion using the mouse or pressing the ‘Spin’ button located below the fidget spinner.

You can also play a different game aside from the virtual fidget spinner. You just have to swap the toggle in the upper right corner of the widget to play a virtual ‘wheel of fortune’.

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